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Compass Security

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We are seeking  IT Security Analysts for Jona, Berne (CH) and Berlin (DE).

Welcome to Compass Security!

Ethical Hacking, Penetration Testing and Security Reviews is our core competence! We are searching and disclosing vulnerabilities which can be exploited by hackers. We understand ourselves as technology provider and applied researchers, in order to perform latest hacking methods and procedures in our security tests. Our customers receive valuable information about current and upcoming threats and weaknesses and can thus take their decisions on prioritisation and remedy.

Additionally, we provide forensic analysis and Hacking-Lab, our online security lab with more than 250 learning challenges, wargames with real hands-on experience.



Compass was nominated for Prix SVC Ostschweiz 2016
12/9/15 - Der Swiss Venture Club wählt Compass Security aus knapp 150 Unternehmen in die Finalistengruppe

Compass at CyberSec Conference in Yverdon-les-Bains
10/20/15 - Cyber Security is a challenge

Compass mit einer Keynote am TEFO15
10/20/15 - Studerus Technology Forum

Vulnerability in Netgear Router Firmware N300
10/6/15 - Daniel Haake identified an Authentication Bypass in Netgear Router Firmware N300.

Vulnerability in AdNovum nevisAuth
9/21/15 - Antoine Neuenschwander identified an Authentication Bypass in AdNovum nevisAuth.